Property Management Services

Your locally owned full-service residential & commercial property manager in Ames, Iowa

RentAmes Property Management is a full-service property manager for property owners in Ames and surrounding communities. We offer property management services for residential and commercial rental properties and developments.

What Types of Properties Do We Manage?

Our current management portfolio includes a diverse range of property types, including:
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An Experienced Team You Can Trust

RentAmes’s professional property management brokerage is licensed, insured, and locally owned and operated. Our experienced management team, and our full-time in-house maintenance technicians, are ready to help you get back to enjoying the benefits of owning your investment property. With a full-service property manager, you won’t have to worry about the hassle or headaches of day-to-day management and maintenance. You can rest assured with our philosophy to treat your rental property, and your investment, as if it were our own.

See more information below on what our property management services include. Contact us today to discuss how having RentAmes as your professional property manager can help your investment grow and succeed!

Comprehensive Property Management Services

Our full-service approach to property management provides you with comprehensive services. Click through the list of services to learn more about what RentAmes has to offer you.

Our marketing approach includes multiple tools and partners to reach potential renters for your property. RentAmes’s management team stays current on marketing strategies and vendors to ensure we take the steps needed to fill vacancies. Listings are made accessible on our website and social media, popular well-known housing search websites, third-party vendors, and on specialized platforms for commercial units. As your property manager, we’ll collect property data and utility estimates, take detailed photos, and even create high-quality video tours to provide virtual showing options. Interested tenants will receive in-person tours and we will address questions about the property and negotiate lease terms. Future tenants are easily able to apply with 24/7 access to our online rental applications.

From the very first contact through move-in to move-out, we handle the entire relationship with tenants. As your property manager, we’ll take care of all tenant questions, correspondence, calls, negotiations, etc. Our tenant screening can include verification of income, rental references, criminal history and past eviction checks, credit checks, and more. We prepare our residential and commercial leases to clearly state the terms for both the property owner and our tenants. To make sure we stay up-to-date, our leases are regularly reviewed and updated. And when things don’t go right, we’ll handle providing warnings and notices.

RentAmes handles the collection of rents, deposits, and other payments, and our tenants have the convenience of multiple payment options. We can also handle mortgage and property tax payments for the property, as well as vendor and bill payments. With your online owner portal, you’ll have 24/7 access to review rent payments, invoices, and more.

RentAmes’s full-time in-house maintenance team is well experienced in handling a wide variety of maintenance needs. They can handle almost anything from late-night calls for lock-outs to major improvement projects. Beyond our maintenance team, we maintain strong relationships with local vendors and suppliers to expedite any needed repairs. When it is time for major projects, we’ll help supervise and manage the project from beginning to end.

The RentAmes management team conducts routine periodic inspections of properties in our portfolio. Routine inspections help us identify maintenance needs and concerns so we can correct them quickly and efficiently. This also helps us ensure your property is treated appropriately and to proactively resolve non-compliance with lease terms. In addition to internal inspections, we coordinate and attend compliance and safety inspections by local government officials. We’ll oversee any necessary permitting and licensing processes to keep your rental property up and running.

Property owners receive an annual budget with expected rental income and expenses for the property. The annual budget identifies any expected maintenance items and costs to be addressed during the year. In the event the need arises for major, unanticipated repairs, we provide notice to the property owner, and we provide cost estimates before performing non-emergency work. Our property owners have 24/7 real-time access to financial reports and maintenance requests, so you’ll always stay up to date.

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