Residential FAQs

Answers to Some of Our Most Commonly Received Questions

We manage many residential properties, but typically maintain a low vacancy rate. Our residential listings are always kept current, but if you are looking for immediate availability you should also look at our available subleases.
Most of our residential leases begin on August 1st and continue through the end of July.  The prime time to check for available properties starts in December and continues through summer. You should check our listings often to see if more properties have been posted. Our sublease listings are updated year-round and are usually the best option if you are looking for immediate availability.
Once you have found a house or apartment you are interested in, we encourage you to request a virtual showing. Our virtual showings provide video tours that you can watch from home to see if you are interested in scheduling an in-person showing. You can schedule an in-person showing by calling or emailing our office. Please note, ordinarily we cannot schedule same-day or next-day showings in order to provide our current tenant with 24-hour notice.
Unfortunately, we only offer tours (including virtual tours and in-person showings) for properties that are actively listed as available on our listings or as an available sublease. If you are interested in a specific property that is not yet listed, you should check back often so you can request a showing once it is posted.
Ordinarily our leases are 12-months, running from August 1st through the next July 27th. For most properties we do not offer shorter or longer lease terms, but we usually offer our current tenants an opportunity to renew their leases for an additional year. If you need a shorter lease term, we encourage you to check our available subleases. See the listing details for the availability date and to see if there are special terms available.
You can complete a rental application online. Once you have found a property in our listings that you are interested in applying for, click “Apply Now” to be taken to the application. There is a $30 non-refundable application fee for each residential rental application, and every tenant must complete a separate application (except for minor children intending on living with a parent or legal guardian). Our properties are rented to the first qualifying person or group that has completed the application process, signed the lease, and paid any deposits. All applications from a group of tenants must be completed to have priority over future applicants.

Each future tenant must complete a separate rental application. There is a separate non-refundable application fee for each application submitted. The only exception is that minors who will live with their parent or legal guardian do not need to complete an application. Instead, minors can be listed on the parent or guardian’s application.

After reviewing your application, we may request that a qualified co-signer or guarantor complete an application and sign the lease. A separate application fee will need to be submitted for each co-signer.

Co-signers will complete the same online application. At the beginning of the application there will be a place to identify that you are applying as a co-signer/guarantor for another applicant. You will then be asked to provide that applicant’s name. As with all other residential applications, there is a $30 non-refundable application fee with each co-signer application that is submitted.

The provided utilities and extras vary with each property. Some properties may have free off-street parking, some may have free high-speed internet, and some may include water or even electricity. You should review the listing details to see what utilities and/or extras are included with each specific property.

Generally, in apartments most utilities are included such as water/sewer, garbage, either gas or electricity, and sometimes internet. In houses, townhouses, and duplexes, typically the tenant is responsible for all utilities.

The majority of our residential properties are “pet friendly,” but prior approval is required. This means you must request and complete a “pet addendum” which provides the standards and regulations you will be expected to follow by having an approved pet in your rental property. Without prior approval, you would be in violation of the terms of the lease, and you could face significant service fees and even potential eviction.

Each listing should state whether cats or dogs (either large or small) are permitted in that particular property. For other animal types you should contact us to check. Currently, we do not have restrictions on animal breeds, but tenants are required to ensure pets are safe, will not destroy property, and will not disturb others.

Current tenants can let us know about new pets by completing an online form.

For approved pets there is a monthly “pet rent” and a “pet deposit.” Currently, the pet rent is a flat rate of $50 per month for one pet and $70 per month for two pets. The pet deposit is a $250 deposit that is added to your security deposit and may be refunded in the same manner.

As explained in more detail below, we do not assess any pet rent, pet deposits, or any other fees for an approved assistance animal or service animal for a person with a disability. 

It is RentAmes Property Management’s policy to comply with federal, state, and local law by permitting an assistance animal or service animal for a person with a disability. In those circumstances, our ordinary “pet” policies do not apply, and we will not charge any extra deposits or fees. For more information, please see our Assistance Animal Policy. You can make requests for any reasonable accommodation (including for a service animal or assistance animal) at any time by completing an online form. If you need assistance with the form, or you wish to make your request orally, you can call our office.

As explained in our Assistance Animal Policy, if you are requested to provide a statement from a healthcare professional supporting your need for an assistance animal, you can use the form at this link which has been prepared by the Iowa Civil Rights Commission for this purpose. If you contact us by phone or email, we will provide a printed copy of the form at no cost. If you have specific questions or concerns about an assistance animal or service animal for a person with a disability, please contact us.

Please be warned that it is illegal, under Iowa Code chapter 216C, to intentionally misrepresent an animal as a service animal or a service-animal-in-training.

We do not currently have any properties that participate in Section 8 Housing Choice Vouchers.

Each rental application we receive is reviewed on a case-by-case basis. We are unable to give opinions on whether an application may be approved or denied until we are able to see the entire application and any supporting information and details.

Our application process includes a routine criminal history, rental history, and credit check. Applicants should be upfront and honest when completing their application. Dishonesty or concealment may be grounds for summary denial of an application.