Tenant Resouces - Maintenance

How do I submit a maintenance request?

Routine maintenance requests should be submitted on your tenant portal. After you log in to your tenant portal, there is a “Request Maintenance” button on both the home tab and the maintenance tab. However, for “maintenance emergencies” you should follow the steps below. 

Please provide adequate details so our maintenance technicians can come prepared to resolve the issue quickly. You can also upload pictures with your maintenance request which can greatly help identify the problem. Remember, you should report maintenance issues as soon as possible so we can get them fixed without any further damage or problems.

What is a maintenance emergency?

Our maintenance technicians are available 24/7 to respond to maintenance emergencies. But what is a maintenance emergency?

A maintenance emergency includes anything that is likely to cause injury or harm to people or serious damage to property if left unresolved. Some examples of maintenance emergencies include water leaks, gas leaks, fires, carbon monoxide alarms, sewer backups, and flooding. These are always maintenance emergencies that should be reported immediately (and by calling 911 if there is a life-threatening emergency such as a fire). Other examples of maintenance emergencies are dependent on the situation. This would include a broken air conditioner when it is extremely hot, non-functioning heat when it is extremely cold, or being locked out of your apartment/house and your roommates aren’t able to let you in.

Generally, any other maintenance issue that can wait to be resolved during business hours is not a maintenance emergency. These issues should still be reported promptly, but you should always report these on your tenant portal. Examples that are generally not maintenance emergencies include malfunctioning air conditioners or heat when the temperatures are not extreme, power outages (report this to the electric company), malfunctioning kitchen appliances, burnt-out lightbulbs, problems with internet service, or no hot water.

What do I do when my power goes out?

We have no ability to restore power when there is a general power outage to your entire house or building. Power outages need to be reported to your electric company (for example, the City of Ames Electric Department).

How do I report a maintenance emergency?

Life-threatening maintenance emergencies (such as a fire) should always be reported to 911 first. Afterwards you should report the issue to our office.

During business hours you can report maintenance emergencies by calling our office: 515-268-2287.

After business hours you can report maintenance emergencies by calling our on-call maintenance technician: 515-451-5023. Please leave a voicemail if they are unable to answer your call as they may be busy answering or responding to other calls.

How do I check the status of my maintenance request?

After you have submitted a maintenance request, you can see the status on your tenant portal. Log in to your tenant portal and go to the maintenance tab. You will be able to see pending maintenance requests and their status, as well as completed maintenance requests.

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