Tenant Resouces - Utilities

Am I responsible for the ___ utility?

The provided utilities and extras vary with each property. Some properties may have free off-street parking, some may have free high-speed internet, and some may include water or electricity. Your lease will state which utilities are your responsibility and which are ours.

What dates do the utilities need to be in my name?

All utilities that are your responsibility must be in your name (or one of your roommates’ names) during the entire lease term. For example, if your lease is from August 1st through July 27th and you are responsible for the electricity and gas, both of those utilities must be in your name every day between August 1st through July 27th. Even if you move in late or move out early, the utilities must still be in your name the entire period of the lease except in very specific situations.

The same applies if you are responsible for snow removal or lawn care. You must ensure that the snow is removed or that the lawn is mowed even when you are away from the property (such as during winter break, spring break, or over the summer).

I forgot to put the utilities in my name, how do I stop getting charged service fees?

If you forgot to put a utility in your name you should resolve that as soon as possible. When we receive a utility bill for your property that was supposed to be in your name we will add the amount of that bill plus a service fee to your account. When the utility bill is placed in your name we will receive a “final bill,” and we generally will waive the service fee for that bill (but you will still be responsible for the amount charged).

What do I do when my RentAmes provided internet stops working?

In our residential units, internet service is provided and managed by third-party companies. When there is an issue or an outage with your provided internet service you should contact those companies (for example, you can contact ICS’s support if you have ICS internet). Our maintenance technicians are not able to help with internet issues.

Who do I contact when there is a power outage?

We have no ability to restore power when there is a general power outage to your entire house or building. Power outages need to be reported to your electric company (for example, the City of Ames Electric Department).