Tenant Resouces - Leasing & Subleasing

Where can I view my lease?

Your lease can be accessed 24/7 on your tenant portal. Login to your tenant portal. On the home tab there is a section called “Current Lease” where you can view the lease online or download a PDF.

Does the lease permit ___?

We recommend you read your lease because it addresses many common questions and it will tell you exactly what is permitted or what you would need permission for (for example, a pet). You can see your current lease in your tenant portal.

How do I sublease my apartment or house?

You can request to sublease your rental unit by completing a simple online form at the link below. This form lets us know that you want us to post your apartment or house as available, or you can tell us if only one roommate is looking to move out. You should also read over the subleasing section of your lease which provides greater details about the subleasing process, the fees, etc.

When and how can I renew my lease?

Generally, we will send out renewal offers to our tenants in the late Fall or early Winter months. The renewal offer will explain the proposed new term (dates), rent, etc. If you want to renew you can simply follow the instructions in the renewal offer by the listed deadline and a new lease will be sent to you. If you don’t respond we may begin to advertise your unit to new tenants, so don’t delay!

What do we do when we want to renew our lease, but one roommate wants to move out?

When one roommate wants to move out and a new roommate wants to move in, we call that a “roommate swap.” You will need to complete a roommate swap form to let us know which roommate is moving out, and who the new roommate will be. After we have received your form we will reach out with the next steps including an online agreement to sign to formalize and complete the swap.

Can I cancel my lease early?

Our leases do not have early termination clauses and every tenant is responsible for the full term of their lease. If your plans change and you want to move out earlier than expected, you may want to consider subleasing your rental unit. But you will still remain responsible for all obligations (including rent, utilities, etc.) during that process.